Experienced Sales Team

With over 40 years of combined experience in the computer industry our sales team will be sure to find a solution that will satisfy your technical needs.

Computer Products for Residential and Commercial Markets

With 5000 sqft of sales floor space we carry a large selection of Desktops, Notebooks, Printers, Networking Equipment, Computer Accessories and Electronics.

Data Transfer to your New Computer

Replacing your old computer can sometimes be a hassle, our skilled technicians will transfer all your files and software applications from your old computer to make your transition to a new computer as smooth as possible.

Leading Technology for Today's Needs

Software Emporium uses its years of experience to bring in products that suit the growing trends of today’s technology needs, we have partnered with industry-leading brands to bring the best possible solutions to our customers.

Technical Support

We are here to help. Feel free to call us for any Computer IT related problems, our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to get your problem resolved.


Troubleshooting is the most important part of the repair process. Proper troubleshooting makes the repair quicker and more efficient. Our team is professionally trained and experienced to properly troubleshoot and solve any issue in minimal time frame.


At Software Emporium, we will be happy to help you setup your new computer for you, transfer data from old computer, install any software packages you might require.

iPhone / Smartphone Repair

We will fix any phone, any problem. As long as it’s fixable.

120-day Warranty on all Parts

All mobile phone repair come with 120 day parts warranty.

Personal Computer Service

If your PC, Mac or laptop has let you down, Software Emporium team can help. Visit our shop in downtown Dawson Creek or let us come to you.

Our experienced team will help you fix your computer or phone in no time.

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Online Backup & Recovery

Off-site backup is a method of backing up data to a remote server or to media that is transported off site. The most common form of off-site backup is cloud backup. SEI Online Cloud Backup comes with 3-Layer Military-grade encryption, flexible scheduling and unlimited recovery points.

Backup to External Device or a NAS Device

In some cases, where online backup is not an option, External hard drive or a NAS Device (Network attached storage) can be used to backup your data. Please note that for best protection, a company should have both, a NAS Device and Online Cloud Backup Solutions.

Mobile Phone Data transfer

If your old/damaged phone still turns on, even if the screen is broken, we can transfer your data onto your new phone.

Data Recovery from Internal & External Drives

When crisis like a crashed hard drive happens, there is still hope, depending on the type of failure, we might still be able to recover your precious data either in house or in one of our partners recovery labs.

If Your System Fails, Could You Recover?

Disasters do happen. The question is, when something fails, will it be a temporary inconvenience or a business-shaking crisis? When a hard drive crashes, can you be back in business? If a natural disaster shuts your network down, can you recover every business critical application?

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Servers & Systems

SEI delivers proven expertise in supplying, implementing and supporting the Microsoft family of server software. We can also provide your business with highly reliable, industry-leading servers, computer systems and peripherals.

Data Storage & Protection

SEI’s comprehensive portfolio of storage products and solutions are designed to meet a range of storage networking needs from small and mid-sized businesses to large corporate enterprises. We can help you simplify the management of your data storage/backup systems and deliver consistent, reliable protection for all your critical data.

Network Security Solutions

Security threats can come from all directions – and affect all aspects of your business. Network security solutions from SEI are designed to prevent incidents and threats that disrupt productivity, impact customer relationships and erode profits.

Wireless Networking

Whether you need a mobile workforce or just a network connection where it is impossible to run cables, our latest wireless networking solutions offer the same high security and manageability as your wired network. In the smallest of businesses wireless networking can offer the complete solution, while in larger companies wireless can provide access in conference and meeting rooms, complimenting the wired network.

Routing, Switching and Premises Cabling

Businesses today demand more from their networks than ever before. Networks today now need to support all forms of media—including data, voice, and video. Access has also changed, as hundreds of new devices connect to the network via wireless and wired connections. We can build your company a cost-effective, highly reliable network infrastructure that is scalable, security-rich and easily managed.

Power Protection & Conditioning

SEI can help protect your investment in valuable IT assets and critical information from potentially destructive power events such as blackouts and power surges. From desktop computers to entire data centres, we can provide the expertise needed to design and deliver the best power protection solutions for your company.

Enterprise Solutions

Our distinct combination of experienced employees, product knowledge and SEI’s reputation for exceptional service gives you the best resources to help you optimize solutions for any stage of your business’s technology lifecycle.

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