Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Data Backup – Why is it important?

Companies and people are very dependent on data. Same as a person cannot survive without air, water and food, business cannot survive without data. 40% of companies that do not have proper backup or disaster recovery plans in place do not survive a disaster.

It is extremely important that your company has a backup strategy and solution in place. Otherwise, you can be a statistic.

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There are two main backup solutions we offer our clients

Onsite Backup Solution

Data is copied onto a physical device (External Hard Drive or NAS ``Network Attached Storage``) located in the same building where data resides.

Pros and Cons of Onsite Backup


  • Performance, Local storage results in very low latency and fast response
  • Security, With local storage, you are in control of your own data security.


  • Expensive, the initial outlay spend for storage can be extremely expensive depending on the size of the storage array, as well as the installation and configuration of the hardware .
  • Support, the storage device will need to be managed, maintained, and upgraded in-house.
  • Storage Lifecycle, With onsite storage, you are responsible for security updates, firmware upgrades, and software patches to the storage array. Consideration must be given to future expansion and lifecycle of the storage; plans must be made for when the storage becomes obsolete, and eventually, you will need to retire the storage array and upgrade.

Off-site Backup Solution

Data is being collected from local storage, encrypted and uploaded to a storage server in a datacenter located outside of a customer's location, later, encrypted backup is being distributed between daughter servers throughout the region for a better redundancy.

Pros and Cons of Off-site (Cloud) Backup


  • Scalability, Storage can be easily expended as your demand grows.
  • Cost & Value, Offsite and cloud storage is extremely affordable, you only pay for what you use.
  • Fast Deployment, with offsite cloud storage, the infrastructure is already in place, and the platform is already available to use.
  • Managed Storage Service, Our team will setup, manage and monitor your backup processes.
  • Performance, Offsite storage performance has gotten significantly faster in recent years.


  • Lifetime Costs, Consideration needs to be given to the long-term needs for storage.

Online Backup & Recovery Service

Complete Services Offered

  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Unlimited versioning
  • 3 layers of encryption delivers military grade security
  • Local backup and local restore
  • Online backup and online restore
  • Flexible backup scheduling
  • Intelligent file filtering (set to ignore MP3, AVI, MPEG and other non-essential files)
  • Data is backed up using ten separate data centers, spread across multiple continents
  • Global file access via web interface, 24x7x365

Backup to local drive

With SEI Online Backup’s local backup system, backup important files with encryption to an external USB drive, local network location, USB stick, or other medium for additional protection.

UNLIMITED Versions of your online backup

Unlimited versions of file history. Use the time machine feature to go back to restore date; backup and recover the snapshot files and versions as soon as possible.

Schedule online backup with complete Flexibility

You dictate the backup schedule, even perform an instant backup – it does not run constantly. SEI Online Backup runs only when your schedule starts to run. This feature keeps your computer safe and optimizes performance.

Enterprise Compression and Transfer Systems

Only backs up changed files. On a 500 MB database (MYOB/Intuit/Turbo Tax) the daily transfer can be as small as 5 KB.

Physical Media Upload

PMU technology lets you “seed” your backup by sending encrypted data on an external hard disk.

Data recovery process

Sometime we don’t even understand what happened when our hard drive dies, we think that something is wrong with the computer itself, we never think that all our important data may disappear and we don’t realize how important that spreadsheet or a photo is until we loose it.

Our Data Recovery service can help you recover lost files using our data recovery software. We also offer a lab recovery service for heavily damaged files or hard drives.

We can recover:

  • Crashed Hard Drive Recovery
  • Accidental Deletion Recovery
  • Accidental Formatting Recovery
  • Recovery of deleted or corrupted files
  • Retrieve photos, videos files and music
  • Recover lost files from HDDs, memory cards and USB sticks
  • Failed RAID Server Recovery
  • Failed External Storage Device Recovery

What causes data loss?

Data recovery may become necessary for a wide variety of reasons, but generally the failure can be categorized as resulting from physical damage or logical corruption.

Physical Damage

  • Moisture contact or penetration
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Variations in humidity
  • Shock or force sustained
  • Defective mechanical or electronic components
  • Spike or surge in power source
  • Degrading read/write heads

Logical Corruption

  • File System formatted
  • Operating System reinstalled
  • Files deleted or recycled
  • Software (ScanDisk, CheckDisk, Defrag)
  • Virus intrusion
  • Broken or corrupted RAID array configuration

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