Technical support

We provide full managed IT Services, remote IT support & consulting services customized to your business model and budget

Whether you already have an in-house IT support team or you want to completely outsource your IT maintenance, SEI can adapt a solution to ensure that you’re never left without your critical devices or business applications.

Software Emporium offers a helpful and friendly helpdesk service for our customers in their time of need. Our team of highly experienced certified experts will take the time to listen to your problem, query or concern, diagnose any issues and then find an appropriate solution.

We can assist you on-site, in-house or remotely, depending on which is the best option for you and the scale of the problem.

As part of our IT support package, SEI can offer:

Commercial Services

  • 24 x 7 remote network monitoring
  • On-site / in-house / remote support
  • Server support
  • Daily backup notifications
  • Managed security
  • User permission and access rights
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Installations and upgrades

Residential Services

  • On-site / in-house / remote support
  • Software Installations & updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Printer Support
  • Internet / Network troubleshooting (Onsite*)
  • Virus Removal
  • System cleanup
  • Hardware upgrades

Windows Server Support

At SEI, we can take over the complete monitoring and management of your servers. You will be assigned your own support engineer who will be your point of contact and who will get to know your employees and your business .

We will keep all systems up to date and any non-vital reboots will be performed out of office hours to minimize disruption and downtime. All this means you can relax knowing that your servers are being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Network Devices Support

With Ubiquity’s Network hardware and management services, we ensure that in the event of a failure, you can replace and restore your devices and remain connected. Unified end-to-end managed service is designed to support and secure your architecture protect your systems and data and keep you up-to-date with the latest updates.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

With proactive remote monitoring we’re able to detect and prevent potential issues before they impact your systems. Using daily backup notifications and network infrastructure monitoring methods, issues are detected and addressed by our team of engineers before they present a threat to your business. By ensuring the safety of your entire IT infrastructure you can work without disruptions, maximize performance and reduce costs.

Managed Anti-Virus

We provide managed anti-virus solutions, managing the installation across your business devices and the up keep of the system itself. We ensure complete 365 days a year protection from viruses, malware and other malicious software that pose a threat to your business. We also ensure regular scans and updates which are planned around your business to minimize the disruption to your users in the process.

By using anti-virus and anti-spyware software, you can protect your servers and end-points from malicious software entering your network. This is a must for businesses, especially when dealing with a mobile workforce. We can help you to prevent all known and emerging threats including viruses, rootkits, worms, spyware and malware. Anti-virus can also filter and scan incoming emails for spam, malicious attachments and other content with native support for Microsoft Outlook.

End User Support

Whether you’re looking for support alongside your own IT team, or you need a fully-managed outsourced service, our end-user support can be tailored to suit your business. By providing end user support remotely, we can deliver fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions. SEI can manage the entire end-user computing experience from beginning to end, sourcing and configuring equipment as part of a turnkey solution that covers maintenance and remote support. Our dedicated IT support teams provide the trusted, technical and professional support your end users need.

SEI provides desktop support to end users with issues or needing help with their desktop activities. We maintain and support end users which require help in such activities as gaining access to the business system or to perhaps interact with certain company system.

Hardware Maintenance

Preserve your hardware to keep your devices and equipment at their optimum potential. Improve longevity through the regular monitoring and preventative maintenance of IT hardware to be able to identify faults and issues before they arise, helping to extend the life of your assets. Maintaining hardware not only extends the life of your equipment, but also provides cost savings year on year due to less equipment being needed.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery takes backup to the next level, giving you a method by which you can restore an entire server either on-premise or in a cloud-based environment in complete outages. Make sure that should the worst happen, you do not lose access to your resources and can quickly and easily pick up business where you left off.

Software Emporium can take complete ownership of your disaster recovery from plan to implementation and testing, for total peace of mind. Safeguard your business from disaster by putting the right planning in place for such instances.

Patch Management

Improve the usability and performance of your system through Patch Management. We fix security vulnerabilities and other bugs to ensure the improved usability of business software, this helps to improve user efficiency when using the system ultimately resulting in improved productivity and profit.

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